Dubbed “Turkish crepes” by some, these stuffed flatbreads are served fresh in Turkey’s many outdoor markets - watching them being made is almost as much fun as eating the finished product! 


What is it? 

Made with yeast-based dough, gauzelike are rolled flat, stuffed, and cooked on a hot griddle until small brown spots or ‘eyes’ (‘go’ is Turkish for eye) appear. The large pancakes are then generally chopped into squares for individual consumption. Common fillings include minced (ground) lamb or beef, spinach, feta cheese, potatoes and mushroom. 

About Us

We're the first and only store in the U.S. that sells street-foood style Gozleme and Kir Pidesi.  


With years experience in providing freshly made Turkish Street Food at markets and fairs in Turkey, we decided it was time the bring the the theatre of Gözleme and Kir Pidesi to the Bellevue Square. 

Starting from scratch everyday, we make fresh dough, top it with fresh vegetables, creamy Fetta or deliciously marinated meats to deliver a high quality flavour sensation that is made to order.

We end your tasty journey of Turkish Street Food with a wide range of fresh handcrafted baklava, Turkish tea and more.

Make it a beautiful day, treat yourself with Istanbul Cuisine today!