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About Istanbul Cuisine

Istanbul Cuisine is the freshest customer focused, small restaurant. With years experience in providing freshly made Turkish Street Food at markets and fairs in Turkey, we decided it was time the bring the the theatre of Gözleme and Kir Pidesi to the Bellevue Square. 
Starting from scratch everyday, we make fresh dough, which can be topped with fresh vegetables, creamy Fetta or deliciously marinated meats to deliver a high quality flavour sensation that is made to order.
Istanbul Cuisine completes your tasty journey of Turkish Street Food with a wide range of fresh handcrafted baklava, Turkish tea and more.

Turkish Street Food 



Dubbed “Turkish crepes” by some, these stuffed flatbreads are served fresh in Turkey’s many outdoor markets - watching them being made is almost as much fun as eating the finished product! 

Experience freshly made Turkish Gozleme and Kir Pidesi with a modern twist, located @Bellevue Square. We are experienced cooks and have worked our way up the ranks to carve out a reputation for providing the most authentic Turkish food in Seattle area and serving home-made style flavorful food.  



Eat your Gozleme Turkish-style: eat with your hands and a side of Ayran ( a thin yoghurt and water drink). Finish it off with a cup go teach-judderingly sweet Turkish tea. Then show your appreciation to your gozleme-maker with a hearthy “Tesekkur Ederim” or Thank You. 


"Lot of Veggie options"

“The food here is amazing. Highly authentic in flavor (as far as Turkish food in the States goes!) and very reasonably priced. I ordered Chicken Kir Pidesi and Çigköfte. Both were very good. I appreciated that they are local and organic. Lots of good veggie options. ”

— Andrea K

"best turkish restaurant in Seattle"

"Best turkish restaurant in seattle. Food is amazing, staff is really nice. Totally recommend turkish lovers to go to Istanbul cuisine on a date. Definitely the best turkish restaurant in Seattle”

 — Agiuoro, O.

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